Defoamer For Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Process in Mumbai, India
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Defoamer for Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Process

Defoamer for Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Process

We offer special foam control technology for Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Process which not only burst the Foams but controls re-generation of Foam also.

Additive 4266 (Defoamer – Phosphoric Acid)

Introduction :

Phosphoric Acid, is resultant product of reaction between phosphate rock with Sulphuric Acid at elevated temperatures, generally above 70°C. The reactions involved in this "wet process" synthesis of phosphoric acid evolve large volumes of gases resulting in the development of substantial amount of foam.

Adverse Effects caused due to Foaming :

IThe foam produced hinders the react ion process by reducing the capacity of the Equipment. It may result in overflows of foam which can create dangerous conditions for plant personnel because of the caustic properties of phosphoric acid.

Addition of “Additive 4266” defoams the medium effectively.

Technical Data :

Brown Hazy Liquid
pH Specific Gravity Miscibility with water
9 ± 1 0.94 ± 0.02 Immiscible

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