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Speciality And Miscellaneous Additives for Oil Solvent Systems

Oil / Solvent System

Additive 4101

(An Emulsifier free additive to incorporate Water in Alkyd Based Decorative Coatings)

"Additive 4101" is a mixture of oil derivaties blended with Pine Oil. It is an Emulsifier Free Additive containing Polar as well Non-polar functional groups. Use of "Additive 4101" allows water incorporation in Oil based Coating System (High PVC Paints & to enamal with slight reduction in gloss).

Additive 4140

(Low Foaming Emulsifier Based Anionic Additive to incorporate Water in Alkyd based Decorative Coatings)

"Additive 4140" is a mixture of Surfactants blended in Pine Oil. "Additive 4140" permits Water incorporation in Oil based Coating Systems. It is recommended for high PVC Paints like Primers, Oil based Putty etc. It can also be incorporated with Water in Enamels with some compromise in performance properties.

Additive 4218 (Aqua Add)

(Low Foaming Emulsifier Based Non -Anionic Additive to incorporate Water in Alkyd based Decorative Coatings)

Additive to incorporate Water in Alkyd based Paints and Inks. It controls water separation in Alkyds based on Glycerin.

Additive 4242

"Additive 4242" is specially designed Additive for Water incorporation in Alkyd based Paints ( High PVC Paints & to Enamel with Slight reduction in gloss). lt helps improve levelling.

Additive 4212

(Suface Modifying Amide Wax)

Base of Coating Technology is Physical Chemistry and precisely Surface Oriented. A range of Surface Modifiers are available in the Market as to achieve / enhance specific property of Coated Film. Role of Surface Modifier ranges from Leveling to Gloss Modification, optimizing Abrasion Resistance, increase or decrease Coefficient of Friction or improve Chemical Resistance, Matting and Water Repellency. “Additive 4212” is Surface Modifying Wax supplied in fine Particle Size.

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